Key Documents

Glenthorne Farm Prospectus 2013 (From University of Adelaide – Prof. David Paton)
This document is only available from Prof. David Paton
Plant Field Label Form (to submit to State Herbarium for Plant Identification)
Glenthorne Promotional Flyer 195 KB pdf
Friends of Glenthorne Constitution 26 KB pdf
Deed 2001 1.8 MB pdf
Deed 2000 850 KB pdf
Deed Amendment 2004 231 KB pdf
Letter from Premier Rann 2004 61 KB pdf pdf
Glenthorne Sales Contract 2001 230 KB pdf pdf
Memorandum of Understanding 1998 129 KB pdf pdf

Friends of Glenthorne media articles

National Parks – Use them responsibly (PDF) ABC (From 21 March 2014)
Buffer Zone Flagged Messenger Southern Times 8 June 2011 180 KB pdf pdf
Buffer Zone Flagged Messenger Guardian 8 June 2011 145 KB pdf pdf
Field River Sell-Off Messenger Guardian 1 June 2011 440 KB pdf

Important letters

Housing Petition February 2009 355 KB pdf
Letter to Premier Mike Rann 9 September 2008 240 KB pdf
Invitation May 2007 555 KB pdf
Greening Australia Article 2003 95 KB pdf

Other Documents

 width= 121005FOGForumFlyer.pdf
 width= 2013_AIBG_Visit_Report.pdf
 width= 2013_ChristmasInvite.pdf
 width= 2014ToMarionCouncillors.pdf
 width= 2015_AboutTime_Presentation.pdf
 width= 2015_VisionDayReport.pdf
 width= Clarke-Vol-33-2008.pdf
 width= FGTICA.pdf
 width= GlenthorneBird_List.pdf
 width= LoopWalk.pdf
 width= Native_Grass_Propagation.pdf
 width= SEOpenDay.pdf
 width= SmokeGerminationOfAustralianPlants.pdf
 width= WeekendNotes_Glenthorne.pdf