Nari Reserve

The Friends of Glenthorne are going into partnership with the City of Marion to re-vegetate Nari Reserve, Trott Park.

It is an Grey Box Grassy Woodland environment, which is very well documented in this booklet, Grey Box (Eucalyptus microcarpa) Grassy Woodlands and Derived Native Grasslands of South-Eastern Australia (DOCX – 2.1 MB)

We will be under the direction of the Marion Council’s Biodiversity officer

The project will involve the following steps

1. Mark out locations with marker paints
2. Sensitive Sites team will establish a mulch border around the sites
3. Develop flyer for letterbox drop to residents advising of intentions
4.. Undertake broadleaf weed spray for scabious, Field Bindweed and Ribwort
5. Undertake any pre-planting preparation and weed control eg Kikuyu, Cockfoot Grass
6. Hold Planting Day with community, invite local ward members, guard plants water  in.
7. Maintain site through brushcutting, selective weed spray dependent on season and weeds that come up.

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