Glenthorne History Group

Are you interested in History ?

Did you know that there are many heritage buildings and ruins within Glenthorne National Park -Ityamaiitpinna Yarta, and the surrounding areas? There are stories and artefacts that are part of the land and its uses, which need to be available to visitors to the Park and the wider community. This could include sites in the Field River, such as the Worthing Mine.

You are invited to join with others in the formation of a Glenthorne National Park – Ityamaiitpinna Yarta History Group who could work to:

  • Establish a display of the artefacts in existing buildings;
  • Organise Open Days with Volunteer Guides;
  • Research various parts of Glenthorne history;
  • Create a website;
  • Continue with further work interpreting the history to present to visitors.

We would also focus on other areas with heritage values including Hallett Cove and Marino Conservation Parks, and the Field River Valley. This group would be separate from the existing Friends of Glenthorne National Park group whose focus is bushcare.