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September Enjoyment Day - Sunday (21st)

Meet at the Glenthorne Front Gate at 10am,  We are planning to do the following:

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is on next week.

Agenda:  (not in order of occurance)

When: Wednesday 24rd September, 6:30pm for Pizza Oven Tea, followed by the AGM.
Where: Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre, Hessing Cres, Trott Park.

Dr. Pamala Smith is a Senior Research Fellow at the Dept. of archelogy at the Flinders University.  She worked with her husband Richard (also an anthropologist), in the WA Kimberly region for many years before relocating to Adelaide to continue her studies and enjoys many roles including an Australian Research Council Post- Doctoral Fellow, casual lecturer (anthropology, archaeobotany and cultural heritage management), and to undertake academic research and consultancy contracts in many Aboriginal communities across the Kimberley, with the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges and with other communities in South Australia.  The Friends of Glenthorne are honoured that Dr. Smith has accepted our invitation to be our Patron.

Mr. Bob Myers, who is the founding president of the Native Grasses Resources Group in South Australia and a well-known native plant grower and breeder.
Bob is passionate about native grasses and has years of experience and enthusiasm to share. There are many reasons to grow native grasses. For example introduced exotic grasses can contain up to 1,300% more fuel load for bushfires than our beautiful Australian native grasses as well as providing habitat for Southern Brown Bandicoots and other biodiversity.
Bob grows commercially the following native grasses: Austrodanthonia geniculate (Wallaby Grass), Themeda triandra (Kangaroo Grass), Chloris truncate (Windmill Grass), Austrostipa elegantissima (Spear Grass), Microlaena stipoides (Weeping Grass).  Bob promises to be a very interesting and informative speaker. One not to be missed.

Come along for your annual catch-up with all the rest of the folk passionate about Glenthonre Farm.  Why not invite someone else to come along who might have an interest too.  We would love to meet them.

RSVP:  If you are coming for Pizza Tea, or have any dietary requirements, then please RSVP to so we will have enough for everyone.

National Parks Pass.

If you have a National Parks Pass through your FoG membership, and you are maybe planning a trip to either the Mount Remarkable or Innes parks, then click here for important information.

Minnawarra Biodiversity Survey

You are invited to be involved in this survey, on Saturday 27th Sept to Wed 1st Oct,

The site is a private farm near Myponga. The purpose is to continue the annual surveying of native marsupials, frogs, lizards, etc, and of course the exquisite native orchids, which will be out in flower.

This is a beautiful part of our state, and you are welcome just to visit, or help out on one or more days, if not all.

For more details, click here.

Quorn Visit - Devil's Peak - RSVP by tomorrow

If you would like to join us to a B'nB near Quorn, on the Weekend 10-12 Oct. 2014 (The weekend after the long-weekend)

Planning to travel up on the Friday night, and stay at the "Devil's Peak" Bed 'n Breakfast, near Wool Shed flat.

Some suggested activities for the time there are:

Other suggestions are welcome!

Please let us know if you want to come, by RSVP before Wednesday (17th September) to

Replies after Tuesday cannot be accepted, due to booking requirements.


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