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Enjoyment Day Information

Even though the State Government has started to relax Covid-19 restrictions, we still decided not to hold our May Enjoyment Day last Sunday. We had to comply with the current regulations. (See the Covid stages and recommendations here) and because we did not want to turn anyone away, if more than 10 people had happened to come.

At this stage, you will have to wait until our June Enjoyment Day where, by then, no more than 20 people will be able to attend. In the mean time, stay safe, and follow the current recommendations.

In the mean time maybe you could:

  • Make some Nesting Boxes to install at Glenthorne.
    Many nesting boxes will be needed at Glenthorne until the habitat grows and matures.
    If you would like some plans for these, do an internet search for "Nesting Boxes" for Parrots and other birds (Pardalotes, Finches, Wrens, Owls), Bats, small mammals, or reply to this email, and we can email you some plans. 
  • Read and discuss with others our very own Glenthorne History Book. To order your copy, see information below.
  • Read the "Glenthorne National Park" final Master Plan (See below for more information)
Glenthorne National Park Update

The Department have engaged contractors to demolish the unwanted buildings and feral Olives and Elms in the Heritage Area, in accordance to the Glenthorne Master Plan. This work began this past week.

You can view the Video of the Master Plan at the Glenthorne National Park home page

Demolition at Glenthorne has started. See the Video on David Spier's Facebook page here

Another video from The Department, on YouTube on current Olive Removal here

Recovery of Flinders Chase

The Flinders Chase National Park suffered terribly earlier this year with the bushfires. But the bushland is recovering well after the rains.

If you are interested, then have a look at the short video on the "SA National Parks and Wildlife" Facebook page of this wonderful recovery. Click here.


Can you help the Friends of Glenthorne track down the many historic artefacts and memorabilia that may be in people's homes and garages?

Glenthorne will soon open to the public as part of our state’s new Glenthorne National Park and historical artefacts are being sought for planned displays.

We are particularly keen to locate the wrought iron CSIRO sign which was by the front gate, and the many artefacts which were on display in the stone barn in the 1990s and which have dispersed over time.  

Please reply to this email if you are able to help us with this.


KI Flinders Chase National Park Update

With this year's rains, the Chase National Park is regenerating after the Bushfires earlier this year.

View a video of this regeneration, on the National Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page here.

Glenthorne Book

Do you need a good read, and have some time on your hands? Then why not consider purchasing our very own Book, "Glenthorne, a Defining History & Indefinite Politics".

Written by Dr. Kerryn Walsh, Dr. Pam Smith, and Mr. Alan Burns.  More information on getting your own copy on the Friends of Glenthorne web site here.  Or you may like to telephone Pam on 0428 315 266 on how to get one.

At just $40 ($30 plus $10 postage and handling), it makes a great gift and is a great read. It is the most detailed written history of the Glenthorne property and we are very proud of it.

Payment can be by way of cheque (posted in the mail) or electronic or cash deposit into the Friends bank account. Note that order forms must also be forwarded with payment to ensure your copy is accurately posted to you.

Bank Account Details
Account Name: Friends of Glenthorne Inc.
BSB: 015-209
Acct No: 198 876 197
Bank Reference: Enter your name

Glenthorne National Park Precincts

Did you know that the new Glenthorne National Park has a number of Precincts? These precincts are existing parks, or areas that will become part of the New Park.  Most of these precincts have a vibrant "Friends of" group that looks after it, and enjoy what that area has to offer.

One of these groups is the "Friends of the Lower Field River", established in 2006. See their website here.

Sedge Snippets
The "Sedge Snippets" is an email you can subscribe to, to recieve news from the "Natural Recources Management" of Adelaide and Mount Lofty. Visit there website here to subscribe.

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