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Postponed - FoG General  Meeting

Our planned "General Meeting", which was to be held this coming Sunday, will now NOT take place, until the current Covid-19 restrictions have been removed.

We are still very keen to host this meeting, so we will keep you informed as to when this will occur.

Enjoyment Days Information

Until further notice, Enjoyment Days at Glenthorne are suspended.

However, there is much that you can do to support Glenthorne while we are all "Social Separating". Here are some suggestions:

  1. Do some research on local native plants, and propogate them
  2. Build some Nesting Boxes.  There will be many needed at Glenthorne until the habitat there grows and matures. For Parrots and other birds (Pardalotes, Finches, Wrens), Owls, Bats, small mammals.
  3. Read and discuss with others our very own Glenthorne History Book. To order your copy, see information below.
  4. Read the "Glenthorne National Park" final Master Plan (See below for more information)
Promotion Stall

On Saturday morning the 29th of February , Friends Bob, Wendy and Kath staged an information stall in the Brighton Central Shopping Centre Mall. There were banners with photos and text about the Glenthorne farm property and folders of historic photos and information for shoppers to read, as well as the Glenthorne book written by Pam, Keryn and Alan for sale.

It was pleasing to see the strong interest and enthusiasm for the proposed Glenthorne National Park which will include the Glenthorne farm property, with many shoppers stopping to chat about it.

Over the Summer months the Friends Group have continued to water the trees planted last Winter, weed and slash undergrowth and generally maintain the property.

The fires on Kangaroo Island and the Flinders Chase National Park have kept our Rangers busy with the recovery process and slowed progress with the development of the Glenthorne National Park for the moment. Enthusiasm is still felt by us all and our patience will be rewarded in the near future when work begins.

Home Grown

By Kath

In 2019 the Grey box tree on the Glenthorne property was declared a Significant Tree and registered as that on the National Trust Significant tree Register. This large tree was found to have the right dimensions and qualities to qualify for this title and has been estimated to be over 500 years old.

This sparked my interest and suggestion to collect seed from the tree and try to propagate some specimens.

On the 21st of July 2019 several of the Friends of Glenthorne Group collected some seeds and Alan was kind enough to supply me with some. At first I thought he was having a joke with me as the tiny plastic bag and even tinier specks contained in it I thought was dust !! In the past I have grown some seeds for Trees For Life and know that some can be very small, so I pressed on.

I carefully emptied the packet of “dust” into a white bowl and with a small artist's paint brush carefully ran it over the top of some seed raising soil in a tray, covered it with small volcanic stones , watered it and crossed my fingers that maybe a couple of
the larger specks of “dust” might germinate. That was on January 8th this year 2020.

On Sunday 12th January I could see several tiny green spots the size of a pinhead emerging from the soil between the tiny rocks. Could they be Grey Box I wondered ?

Tuesday 14th January there were 12 !

Thursday 16th 18, Saturday 18th 26 and so it went on . Wow !

I gave up trying to count them all after the number reached more than 60 !! They were now showing 2 tiny leaves and getting larger. Each morning I went out and and to my delight there were more. Could it be my smiles and encouraging talking to them that they were thriving ? Success ! I have now delicately relocated each one into it's own individual plastic tube and they continue to grow with the first to germinate now with 16 small leaves. I am so looking forward to planting them at Glenthorne later this year.

Volunteer Study

One of our members, Kinda Tabbaa-Snyder, is a Masters student at the University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Kinda would like to invite you to participate in an interview about your experience as a volunteer, especially if you are a new arrival to the country or from a migrant background.

This study aims to explore how volunteering activities may assist migrants in overcoming the difficulties and challenges when they first arrive in Australia. The research also seeks to identify a framework to help understand the benefits and the challenges associated with participating with others. It is anticipated that it could inform the future use of this process in welcoming migrants on the council’s level.
As a stakeholder (volunteer, member or organiser) in your group, you are invited to participate in a research interview. By participating in the interview, you will have an opportunity to reflect on your volunteering experience in taking care of the land, and the effect, you feel, you had upon the place and within the community. Your answers will inform the research of the motivation to volunteer and the benefits of this participation in building a more coherent multicultural community.

Please have a look at the Questions you will be asked for this study. Download the questions by clicking here.
We encourage you to contact Kinda to take part in this study, or if you need any further information about the project.
Kinda Tabbaa-Snyder
M: 0422 338 544

Glenthorne National Park Update

The Draft plan has now been approved.  You can be seen this on the Department's website Glenthorne Master Plan

You can view the Video of the Master Plan at the Glenthorne National Park home page

Friends of the Upper Field River

The "Friends of the Upper Field River" have been very active at Barton Drv, Sheidow Park.  A lot of Olive removal, and tidying up of this area, ready for this year's planting season.

These events are run by Trees for Life, and it is exciting to have this amazing group help this area become a pristine native habitat.

If you would like to be involved, to learn, help, encourage, then contact Trees for Life, Tricia on 0407 215 316

City Nature Challenge

It is quite likely that this event will be postponed Nationally,

The one we had wanted to hold at Glenthorne is postponed to a yet to be determined date.

If you have not heard of the City Nature Challenge? If not then Click to their website here for more information.

Glenthorne Book

Do you need a good read, and have some time on your hands? Then why not consider purchasing our very own Book, "Glenthorne, a Defining History & Indefinite Politics".

Written by Dr. Kerryn Walsh, Dr. Pam Smith, and Mr. Alan Burns.  More information on getting your own copy on the Friends of Glenthorne web site here.  Or you may like to telephone Pam on 0428 315 266 on how to get one.

At just $40 ($30 plus $10 postage and handling), it makes a great gift and is a great read. It is the most detailed written history of the Glenthorne property and we are very proud of it.

Payment can be by way of cheque (posted in the mail) or electronic or cash deposit into the Friends bank account. Note that order forms must also be forwarded with payment to ensure your copy is accurately posted to you.

Bank Account Details
Account Name: Friends of Glenthorne Inc.
BSB: 015-209
Acct No: 198 876 197
Bank Reference: Enter your name

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