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Enjoyment Day - Sunday, the 21st of July!

NOTE: Time of access – 10.00am to 4:00pm on the Sunday.

We hope you will join us and enjoy Glenthorne this Sunday.

The forcast for Sunday has a low possibility for Rain/Showers.  We will be very busy planting the remainder of our plantings.  Be sure to bring your warm gear, becuase it 'ain't gonna be warm'!  We wil have our portable Pergolas to shelter us for our AMAZING afternoon tea.

Other things you may like to bring:

Things to do at Glenthorne:

Come to the Majors Road gates, O'Halloran Hill, just before 10.00am, for an early start. If you are intending to come along a little later, the gates will be unlocked. Say "Hello" to the dedicated Security Guard there.

Go down the road into the property (heading south) until you reach the large pine tree near the Old Barn. (Parking for disabled or elderly is available by turning right at the large pine tree and following the road to behind the old CSIRO buildings). Once you are at the large pine tree, follow the road through the gate, along the dirt track, to where you will see our vehicles and afternoon tea setup.

As always on a property with Gates, Please always leave gates as you find them. If open then leave them open, if closed, then close them after you go through.

If you park on the bitumen, behind the CSIRO buildings, you will need to walk back down the track to where we will be enjoying ourselves. If you are unable to walk 500m along the dirt track, you can drive carefully (weather and "mud" permitting!) to where we usually gather.

Visitors are always welcome, and we are happy to show people around our revegetation sites and the heritage structures.

Please call Alan on 0411 595 910 if you have any difficulties but there will be volunteers at the gate around 10 am.

If you are coming along, please respect the property and its wildlife and we hope you enjoy your visit.


Glenthorne, a Defining History & Indefinite Politics

Did you know that some very early buildings, in SA's history, exist at Glenthonre.  There are plans afoot to have these buildings restored to their former glory (or humble use!)  These plans are part of our visioin for Glenthorne,

You can learn about the history of these buildings (and others that no longer exist) in our book, “Glenthorne, a Defining History & Indefinite Politics” written by Dr. Kerryn Walsh, Dr. Pam Smith, and Mr. Alan Burns.  More information on getting your own copy on the Friends of Glenthorne web site here.  Or you may like to telephone Pam on 0428 315 266 on how to get one.

At just $40 ($30 plus $10 postage and handling), it makes a great gift and is a great read. It is the most detailed written history of the Glenthorne property and we are very proud of it.  If you come to our Enjoyment Day to pay for and pick up your copy, you can save the $10 postage.

Payment can be by way of cheque (posted in the mail) or electronic or cash deposit into the Friends bank account. Note that order forms must also be forwarded with payment to ensure your copy is accurately posted to you.

  Bank Account Details
Account Name: Friends of Glenthorne Inc.
BSB: 015-209
Acct No: 198 876 197
Bank Reference: Enter your name

Glenthorne National Park Update

Amongst the Pigeons

Are you a responisble Cat Owner? Or do you have neighbours that are not? 

Cats are beautiful creatures, and most make wonderful pets, but they are also natural hunters. The "hunter" instinct of a cat cannot be bred out, and even the cutest kitten will develop its hunting skills the moment it can see and walk.  For this reason, cats have been responsible for un-told deaths of Australian Native animals, birds, lizards and small marsupials.  It is sad to think that all cats will kill, even though they may not need a meal.

Ecologist and author and a graduate of The University of Adelaide, Dr. John L. Read, has written "Amongst the Pigeons", a MUST read for those keen to know more how Cats can live trouble free in Australia

During the last century, global domestic cat numbers rocketed past 200 million, along with a surge in cat diseases and numbers of feral cats and sick, injured and malnourished cats. Cat shelters are overflowing. Hundreds of thousands of cats are euthanised every year by despondent animal welfare workers. Misplaced sentimentality, sometimes promoted by corporate greed of cat food companies, has exacerbated this situation through promoting irresponsible feeding of strays.

John Read has travelled the world consulting cat experts and collating the most recent science. In Among the Pigeons he balances the allure of indoor cats with the animal welfare, human health, and conservation issues they create when allowed to roam. But he also presents solutions, from breeding ideal indoor pet cats to development of humane and targeted tools to control feral cats.  John has been instrumental in developing an amazing invention for Feral Cat control, "The Felixer" (pdf).

In striking parallel to the repercussions of human-induced climate change, warnings about the damage wrought by free-ranging cats have been largely denied or overlooked. But we ignore these issues at our peril. For our own mental health and endangered wildlife worldwide, time is running out.

Visit his website to see how you can get your hands on a copy of his most interesting book.


Have you thought about, but not yet joined "The Friends of Glenthorne"?. Get involved in helping to plan the National Park or simply come along and help plant some shrubs and trees. If you aren’t able, simply join and come along to enjoy the views and fresh, clean air. Many interesting and fascinating birds are to be seen on a visit to Glenthorne Farm and at 1.00pm the Friends break for tea and coffee and a chat. Membership details are also found on our web site at where you can download a membership form. Payment can be made into our bank account (details also on the web site) or you can come along to one of our Enjoyment Days and pay there. Just $10.00 for individuals and $20.00 for families.

Payment can be by way of cheque (posted in the mail) or electronic or cash deposit into the Friends bank account. Note that order forms must also be forwarded with payment to ensure your copy is accurately posted to you.

  Bank Account Details
Account Name: Friends of Glenthorne Inc.
BSB: 015-209
Acct No: 198 876 197
Bank Reference: Enter your name

"Friends of Glenthorne" on FaceBook

If you haven't "Liked" us on our facebook page, then please do this here. This will help spread the news about what is happening at the Farm. Now that the campaign to save Glenthorne has been won, we are looking to attract the community to opportunities to be involved, which will start to appear in the coming days.

Please "Click" or "Touch" the "Thumbs Up" symbol to “Like” us. It’s very easy.

Friends of O'Halloran Hill

We are excited to offer you two alternative days to help and enjoy our new National Park.

The "Friends of O'Halloran Hill Recreation Park" meet on Tuesday and Saturday Mornings, for two hours, on both days.

I spoke to them recently and they were delighted to say that on one recent occasion, they were blessed with a group of 10 Superb Fairy Wrens, that were skitting about while they worked.   And on another recent occasion, while five of them were out in the park, an owl came and inspected what each of them were doing. On both occasions, they were totally surprised how close to them these birds came.  Their most recent bird survey recorded 40 different types of birds on O’Halloran Hill CP.

The hard work of this group, clearing olives, and planting natives has encouraged natural regeneration of native grasses.  What a Gem of a place.

If you would like to join this group even for one day, the contact John Bollinger on (08) 8296 6790

Have Your Say!

The SA Government has a new On-Line initiative to help gather ideas and feedback from the Community. Click on the links below to go to this website.

You can subscribe to get notices on what new issues you may not be aware of.

What can I have a say on?

This month we invite you to tell us how we can improve the way our natural resourses are managed, or how we can assist South Australians to shape their local community, or perhaps your passion is fishing and you can help us establish the Minister's new Recreational Fishing Advisory Council.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to have YourSAy.


Friends of Glenthorne

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