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"Save Glenthorne" on-line petition at, Click here to sign the petition.


Where is Glenthorne Farm?  O'Halloran Hill, Adelaide.  To see map for Gate Entry click here

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Enjoyment Day  - 17th December! 

 The Friends will be at Glenthorne this Sunday and this past week’s weather will make your visit very memorable, with a good forcast for Sunday.

We meet at the Majors Road gates just before 10.00am but if you are intending to come along a little later, the gates will be unlocked.

Please make sure that you close the gates once you have entered.

Follow the road until you reach the large pine tree near the Old Barn and turn right and head down behind the old CSIRO administration building to park.  You will need to walk back to the large pine tree and head south down the track. You will find the Friends down the dirt track.  You are welcome instead to use the bitumen carpark (turn right at the large pine tree)

Visitors are welcome and we are happy to show people around our revegetation sites and the heritage structures.

Please message or call Alan on 0411595910 as soon as possible to advise that you are coming along or we may be off down the water course when you arrive.

Many bird species are nesting and raising young before the heat of summer arrives, so we may be in for some surprising birdlife this Sunday.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring binoculars as well as protective clothing such as long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, sturdy shoes or boots. We only supply "High-Viz" vests and Sunscreen!

We usually have tea or coffee and a discussion of recent events from around 1.00 pm but must vacate the property at 2.00pm, under University of Adelaide rules.

If you are coming along, please respect the property and its wildlife and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Remnant Vegetation Plan - City of Marion

Please consider contributing to the Community Survey. Please read on...

Jerry Smith, the Biodiversity Coordinator for the City of Marion, is pleased to advise that after approximately 18 months of pretty hard slog, many many reports and liaison with elected members and other staff we have been able to release the draft Remnant Native Vegetation Plan 2018 to 2023 for community consultation.  This document will be the basis for guiding and funding ongoing works to protect precious Remnant Native Vegetation across the City of Marion.  Please have a look and undertake the very small survey.  Please also feel free to send the link to other members of your groups and anyone you think may be interested. Hopefully we will have some overwhelmingly positive feedback to allow this exciting initiative to continue.  Jerry is quite dependant on your support to ensure this occurs.  Please feel free to contact Jerry if you wish to discuss this further.

Email to: Jerry Smith  Coordinator Biodiversity | City of Marion


"Friends of Glenthorne" on FaceBook

If you haven't "Liked" us on our facebook page, then please do this here. This will really help spread the outreach of our "Save Glenthorne" campaign.

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Glenthorne Petition – “Save Glenthorne” Campaign

We need your help.  We would be very pleased if you could download and print out this Petition (click the word Petition)and have your friends and family sign it.

There is an On-Line Petition at

Then return the filled out Petitions to FoG Secretary, Alan Burns, 22 Westall Way, Sheidow Park, 5158 or we will collect.

The Friends are stepping up their campaign to save Glenthorne given recent reports that the University of Adelaide is planning housing, shopping centre and more, all against the Deed of Sale and the contract signed in 2001.

In the lead up to the March 2018 State election we will be keeping you informed of our efforts to save the farm which, after 21 years of effort, is still vulnerable to being destroyed and replaced by housing and concrete.

We have many activities planned but some will need your support and involvement.

We need to show the State Government that we, as a Community, will not stand for any University or Government destroying what we have worked so hard to save and protect.

The Friends are not just wanting habitat restoration. We have exciting plans for Community access and activities which could include a largescale Nature Play playground for families, picnic areas, walking and cycling trails linked to other parks, natural burial sites, produce markets, tourism attractions and much, much more.

We are in the progress of updating our web site and will soon have an e-petition running.

Please download and sign our paper petition and we will advise more in the coming days.

We are working hard so that future generations can enjoy what we have taken for granted – until now.

The Friends’ "Glenthorne Farm Community Vision 2015" report can be downloaded here. (PDF format) – this document details the many and varied activities which we hope may one day soon be happening at the Farm.

Citizen Science Frog Count

Frogs are a sign of a healthy environment, but around Australia frogs are declining and many are endangered. By counting Australia's frogs we can learn more about where they are and how they're doing.

To help do this, the Australian Museum has launched FrogID, a SmartPhone app designed to help save Australia's frog population from extinction.

To participate in FrogID do the following:

  1. Download the App from Google Play or the Apple App Store or visit the Website
  2. Create a "FrogID" account.
  3. Press "Record" when you hear a Frog Call.


Friends of Glenthorne

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