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January Enjoyment Day - This Sunday (18th)

Meet at the Glenthorne Front Gate at 10am,  We are planning to do the following:

2015 Glenthorne Vision Day - Sunday 24th May

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A time to seriously look at and set out long term Vision for Glenthorne, that engages our community and economy now.  A time to set a path towards a more sustainable future on Glenthorne.

What do we want it to be?  And what steps do we need to do to get there?  How can Glenthonre Farm be a public benefit for the Generations to come? 

We will invite representatives from The State Governement, (Natural Resources and Management), the Marion Council, the University of Adelaide.

The day will be run by a facilitator, and there wll be 6 workshops, one on each of the major areas of Dr. David Paton's Glenthorne Development Plan.



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