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Ninna marni (Hello, how are you?) Friends,


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Covid-19 is still a huge issue within our community and we encourage everyone to follow the instructions of the State Government to protect their family and friends. The Friends of Glenthorne National Park will be following State Government guidelines, but as we work in the open air, maintain our distance from each other and bring our own water and food, we should be reasonably safe.



  • Bushcare Day, next Saturday the 8th Jan, 2022
  • Volunteers to Grow Natives at Home
  • President’s Update
First Bushcare Day of 2022

This Saturday will be our first Friends of Glenthorne National Park Bushcare Day for 2022, following a short break for the Christmas / New Year holidays and the weather is forecast to be 25 degrees. We hope that you can join us as we will be working on the planted pods, removing weeds, mulching and we may have time to plant a few saltbush plants and also do some watering. It is amazing to think that we are in the middle of an Adelaide summer and the forecast is much lower than 40 degrees, so we will be making the most of this opportunity.


If you are free, please meet in the carpark of the Rangers Station on Saturday morning (8th of January) at 9.45am so that the necessary signing in can take place and some brief instructions can be given. If you are available later in the day, you can still join us. Just look for the volunteers in hi-vis vests. Please remember to sign in and out.


The suggested items to bring along / wear:


  • long pants and sleeves,
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • enclosed shoes or boots
  • snacks
  • plenty of drinking water
  • chair if you are staying for lunch
Volunteers to grow plants at home

We are getting closer and closer to our first major event for 2022. A couple of propagation workshops are planned for Thursday, the 13th of January at the Riding for the Disabled site on Majors Road. These will assist volunteer growers to grow native plants at home. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. Anyone who is new to growing native plants will receive expert direction from Brett Oakes (former TFL Nursery Manager) ably assisted by the Friends and other volunteers on the day. If you, your family or friends, your school, or your scout group are interested, we would like to hear from you. Please call Alan on 0411595910 or email at and if you have already been in touch, we thank you for stepping forward to help. We will provide the training, and everything needed to grow native plants. Volunteers just need to be committed to watering their plants over the summer. No experience is necessary. It is a lot simpler than you might think and we would appreciate your help.

President's Update

In the past four and a half months since the new committee was elected, work has continued and the group is becoming focused on life after the initial construction stages of the new National Park. It is expected that much of the planned construction work will be completed this year, if not before the 30th of June.


Bushcare Days are continuing on the first and third Sundays as well as the second Saturday as well as the very popular Wednesday mornings. I am always impressed with the commitment of our Bushcare Day volunteers and we seem to be growing in number each week. It is great to see that many in the group have knowledge about what we are doing, where we should work and how we should go about it and are willing to share that knowledge with the group. I would like to thank everyone who volunteered during 2021 to make it such a successful year.


The wetter than expected winter and spring in 2021 has meant that the Friends have been able to assist DEW staff with many more planting days than otherwise would have been expected. It is great to see the trees planted over the past 18 months survive and grow so that they can now be noticed from the roads surrounding the property. Thanks to DEW for maintaining the slashing program. As the weather cools and the rains return, it will be crucial that this program continues in order to control the weeds throughout 2022. Of course, the growing plants will also help to reduce the number of weeds but we are a long way from a weed-free National Park.


We have seen brilliant trails spread across the property as well as some great signage installed and with the recently opened Happy Valley Reservoir, the experiences for visitors in the local landscape have continually expanded and improved. I have noticed that the Majors Road soccer grounds have had their first grass laid which is being watered and the starting towers for the international BMX track have been erected.

There will be much to complete in the coming months.


Planning is continuing towards our native plant nursery and we are appreciative of those who have offered items we can use or who have offered their services to build such an important community asset. We are eagerly awaiting the feedback from our grant application. Irrespective of the outcome, we know that we have the support of the Minister for the Environment and Water, David Speirs and so many within the community. 2022 should see the start of the construction of this much needed community asset, not only from a native plant propagation viewpoint for the National Park, but also as an environmental hub where the community can gather to learn and socialise. This is one of the most exciting projects ever undertaken by the Friends and I thank Justin Dent from the Riding for the Disabled SA and Wayne Turner from the Friends of O’Halloran Hill for their commitment and willingness to work together in partnership with us. This partnership will be a force to be reckoned with and will achieve much in the coming years. Another great initiative benefiting local residents.


Special thanks to Matt Shilling who has been our Secretary since the August 2021 AGM. Matt has resigned due to health reasons and thank him for his efforts while on the committee and wish him all the best for 2022. 2022 is going to be another year of massive achievement and the committee thanks all who have contributed or who have offered to help into the future. Goodness knows we are going to need everyone’s help to achieve the ambitious targets ahead.


Nakutha (goodbye) and a happy New Year to all of our valued members and supporters, DEW staff and all those continuing to assist in the building of the Glenthorne National Park


Ityamaiitpinna Yarta.

Kind regards,

Alan Burns


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