What is in our new National Park?


Extend the Great Southern Bioblitz to Glenthorne National Park - Ityamaiitpinna Yarta


Australian citizen scientists are coordinating a southern hemisphere event for 25 - 28th September 2020, which is this weekend. Participants will be asked to submit nature observations taken during the four days using iNaturalist. Nature lovers are encouraged to participate in their local area, particularly their own backyards, if COVID restrictions are in place.

In April 2020, four cities within Australia participated in the international City Nature Challenge BioBlitz event. The event, held in April, is not the best time of the year for southern hemisphere cities compared with locations in the north. In response to this, the collective Australian organisers have decided to run a spring BioBlitz in 2020 for the southern hemisphere, and to include regional and rural locations using iNaturalist. 

iNaturalist Australia is under the control and responsibility of the Atlas of Living AustraliaiNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

The Great Southern Bioblitz observations commence on Friday 25 September and will conclude at midnight Monday 28 September 2020 local time.

This will NOT be an organised event at Glenthorne, but that won't stop you from walking the "Glenthorne Loop Trail", to do step 2) below.

Do you know that only this year, has Glenthorne been continually open to the public for well over 100 years?  So, Citizen Science at Glenthorne is a very new thing to do there.  We would be thrilled if you could participate in this BioBlitz at Glenthorne.  It will be great to start gathering information on what is there.

Are you new to citizen science and bioblitzing? It’s easy!
Find the iNaturalist app in your app store, Download and install it on your smart phone.

  1. Find wild plants, animals and fungi at Glenthorne, (or at you home, in your garden, or even through your window!) 
  2. Take clear pictures of what you have found. 
  3. Upload the pictures via the iNaturalist app on your smartphone or upload them to the iNaturalist.org website.  

Further enquiries contact: https://greatsouthernbiobl.wixsite.com/website/contact


Kind regards 
Friends of Glenthorne,
(on behalf of the Great Southern Bioblitz Team).

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