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Enjoyment Day - Sunday, the 19th of January!

Time of access – 10.00am to 3:30pm.

We will be very busy enjoying ourselves, doing a bit of weed control (hand weeding around plants and brush cutting) and guarding and mulching plants previously planted.

Other things you may like to bring:

Things to do at Glenthorne:

To find us, go through the Ranger Station's Gates on Majors Rd, which are almost opposite the old Farm House. We meet at the Ranger's Station Carpark.  If you miss us, then please call Kath on 0408622334, or Alan on 0411 595 910

Be sure to present yourselves to someone in our group, so we can "sign you in", and give you a brief intro to being on Glenthorne.

Visitors are always welcome, and we are happy to show people around our revegetation sites and the heritage structures later in the day after Afternoon Tea.

If you are coming along, please respect the property and its wildlife and we hope you enjoy your visit.

Glenthorne National Park Update

Drought and Fires have been the major topics these past few months.  We received a bit of feed back about the sedentary hay-bales at Glenthorne.  A few people, who had driven past Glenthorne had asked themselves "Why are they not being used to help drought or fire stricken farmers".  And they asked us!  Here is the update on this:

We thank everyone for their feedback about this issue, and for their concern and efforts to hep those in need at this time.  We have found the Department very supporting of the ideas and suggestions that are made through the Friends of Glenthorne, and we really look forward to our on-going work with them.

The Glenthorne Partnership (GP) ended 2019 on a high note. The Master Plan consultants, ASPECT Studios, completed the Master Plan before Xmas and the GP gave it a tick before it went to the Minister for Environment and Water, David Speirs, for his approval. See

Thank you to all who attended the Open Days in April and October and contributed to the Master Plan. The Management Plan is main project for DEW staff and the Glenthorne Partnership in 2020, as this essential before the new GNP can be declared. Another significant project due to commence early in the new year is the demolition of many of the CSIRO buildings. The GP are looking forward to a positive and high-achieving 2020 with the support of the several affiliated friends groups.

Bush Fire Recovery Event - Report

Some members from "Friends of Glenthorne" attended an event ("Reveg with a Cause" at the "McLaren Vale Natives" this past Sunday.  An amazing day where those that attended pitched in to try and fill and seed 10,000 seedling tubes, to be used to re-vegetate areas affected by the fires, especially on Kangaroo Island.  Appropriate "Local Provenence" seed was used, and the poor staff from "McLaren Vale Biodiversity Project" were in-undated with many more helpers than they anticipated.  Over 500 folk, of all ages, attended, and, starting at 9:30am, and finishing at about 11:30am, around 30,000 tubes were filled and all the seed that they had available was put into these tubes. What a tremendous effort.

Our small group from FoG, met afterwards at "Beck's Bakehouse" at Port Nourlunga, and dreamed of a day in the near future when such an event could happen at Glenthorne.

See our website for ideas on where to donate to help KI wildlife.

Glenthorne Action Team

On Saturday 30 November, the "Glenthorne Action Team" had an excellent event at Barton Drive, Woodend/Sheidow Park.  This "Upper Field River" is an exciting project. 

There is still much to be done there, but the rewards will be a helping to turn this area into a stunning place to be and enjoy.

The Marion Council, Trees for Life, and the Department of Environment and Water are also helping with this.

If you would like to see what was done, go down the hill from the  Barton Drive Reserve/Playground, Sheidow Park.

The next events for this are: (Which will be cancelled if forecast is over 33°C

Contact Margie on 0466 943 983 to let her know you are interested.

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Donation Funds

If you need some ideas on where you could consider donating for Wildlife benefit from the Kangaroo Island Fires, then visit our website for the Funds suggested by "Friends of Parks"

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