Pelican Lagoon KI Crown Land sell-off

Introduction: Alan Burns – FoG Secretary/Treasurer
Letter from Dr Jack Desbiolles (UniSA)
EcoAction on Kangaroo Island


Dear Friends,

As an environmentally aware group, the Friends of Glenthorne are concerned about the protection of South Australian natural assets across the State, especially when they are unique, pristine and under threat from commercial developments.

No doubt you have heard about the planned sell off of 2.5 kms of Kangaroo Island’s stunning southern coastline to developers for a golf course which is proposed to be built on these stunning cliffs.
Kangaroo Island is renowned for its wild places and green and unspoilt landscape.
It needs to be kept this way or, like Glenthorne Farm, the State Government will sell it off, bit by bit until there is nothing left for future generations.
Kangaroo Island’s coastline is precious, amazing and a drawcard for international tourists and should not be sold off for golfers’ exclusive use.
This message is urgent because submission close THIS MONDAY – Monday 15th January, 2018.

Please email Damian Miley and make a comment on the YourSay web site.

Once again the power of numbers can make a difference.

Surely there are plenty of other places for a golf course which doesn’t ruin KI’s coastline, doesn’t further endanger coastal wildlife such as White-bellied Sea Eagles and doesn’t consume massive amounts of water in a water scare environment.

Please make your comment today.
Alan Burns
Secretary / Treasurer,

Letter from Frank

Greetings and happy New Year !
I am a member of the Friends of Private Bushland with some heritage bushland on Kangaroo Island… and I am wondering if you were able to pls distribute the email below to the membership and ask everyone to respond and express their opinion (disapproval…) on the issue of ‘sale of a Crown land coastal reserve on KI for a golf course development’.
I feel we need to strongly react against it and hope to find much support from the Friends of Private Bushland.
The deadline for feedback is 15Jan18
The email below is self-explanatory. A reply by email to  or entered on the YourSay website ( ) are possible, or both to be sure to be sure…
I find it so shameful of the government to even consider this…!
With many thanks and kind regards,

Dr Jack Desbiolles
Agricultural Research Engineer
Agricultural Machinery Research and Design Centre (AMRDC)
School of Engineering
University of South Australia | Mawson Lakes Campus
Office J2-08 | Workshop S1-S2
Mawson Lakes | SA 5095 | AUSTRALIA
p: +61 8 8302 3946 | f: +61 3 8302 3380 | Mob: +61 419 752295

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EcoAction Kangaroo Island e-News

Number 8, January, 2018 Special edition #2
An update on the potential sale or lease of waterfront land at Pelican Lagoon, Kangaroo Island
Viz. 2.5 km of Crown Land Coastal Reserves east of Pennington Bay and south of Pelican Lagoon.

Submissions due Jan. 15th.

1. The Advertiser article

2. ABC radio 891
On Wed. 20th. Dec., Deb Tribe interviewed Fraser Vickery (Eco-Action spokesperson).
On Fri. 22nd., she interviewed Damian Miley (DEWNR), Wendy Campana (KI Commissioner) and Darius Oliver (The Cliffs – Kangaroo Island golf course designer). It was quite revealing and worth listening to!

You can access these here

3. Site Visit
A group of concerned KI residents visited the site recently and many were surprised at its pristine beauty and fragility. They saw evidence of aboriginal sites.
Photos by Quentin Chester with his comments on YourSay website

We encourage you to visit the area to see for yourself.

4. Letters to the editor
There were many letters sent to The Islander with two published.

5. Are you wondering what to include in your submission or letter?

What to exclude:
If you comment on the golf course, your feedback is likely to be discounted or ignored. So be careful.The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation cannot consider feedback in relation to the KI golf course development.

What to include:
1. Address the issues around the conservation and heritage values of these Coastal Reserves.
(a) The minister thinks the land is degraded with boxthorns. This is not true. Only one area has boxthorns.
(b) This is the only remaining corridor for fauna and flora between Dudley Peninsula and the rest of KI.
(c) A White Bellied Sea Eagle nest (WBSE) is well within the recommended avoidance distance of 2km.

Many of the pertinent issues were mentioned in the first Special Edition E-Newsletter of December 2017. Please contact Bob Huxtable if you need a copy.

The online discussion at the YourSay website has valuable information.

2. Precedent
This sets a dangerous precedent for governments to sell off coastal reserves on other parts of KI.

3. Ensuring coastal access for the public.
The minister has been told that the access is difficult, and that practically nobody goes there. This is also not true. Many people access and walk this coast.

4. Lease/sale of the land to a private landowner?
If this land is sold to the adjacent landowner, then published plans for its use as outlined here make it clear that there will be no facility for safe public access.

Surplus Crown land
This means “no significant conservation or heritage values that warrant retention of the land in Crown ownership.”

The South Australian Government can dispose of Crown land to an adjoining owner if it has been declared surplus.
Or it can decide to lease the land.

Buying/selling Crown Land
Land is only declared surplus after:
• The Department on Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) has considered the land is surplus to its requirements, meaning there is no significant conservation or heritage values that warrant retention of the land in Crown ownership.
• strategic significance of the land has been assessed by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.
• other government agencies have had an opportunity to express interest in purchasing the land.
• native title rights have been considered and deemed extinguished.

Once Crown land is considered surplus, it can be disposed of by:
• an open market disposal, by public auction, public tender or other open competitive process.
• a direct sale where a custodian of dedicated land or a licensee has made significant improvements to the land.

Disposal of Crown land is published in the Government Gazette and relevant state and regional newspapers.

In this case, a direct sale to the adjoining landowner is the proposed method. The adjoining landowner has made no improvements to the land. So the Minister cannot dispose of this land by direct sale.

The Minister’s decision
Your comments will be provided to the Minister for consideration in making a decision about whether or not to dispose of or lease the land.

Submissions, comments/ letters due: Mon 15th. January, 2018 by 5.00 pm.
Mail: Kangaroo Island Regional Director,
Damian Miley,
PO Box 39, Kingscote SA 5223

Also, you can join the online discussion at the YourSay website. This is an excellent forum to publicise your concerns and the issues at stake.
We suggest that you send your submissions to Damian Miley and also put them on YourSay.

State election March 2018
With the impending state election next year, you may want to send a copy of your letter to the sitting member for the electorate of Mawson and to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation.

Or, as in the case of several KI residents, you may prefer to write to the Premier and the Opposition Leader, ministers and candidate for Mawson.
Premier Jay Weatherill
Mail: GPO Box 2343, ADELAIDE SA 5001

Minister Leon Bignell,
Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Forest, Tourism, Recreation and Sport, and Racing
Mail: GPO Box 1671, Adelaide SA 5001.

Minister Ian Hunter
Mail: GPO Box 1047, Adelaide SA 5001.

Let’s stop this sale of public land
Please forward this e-News to your networks on the mainland and on KI and encourage other groups and individuals to voice their comments.

The numbers of letters and submissions received could well be the crucial factor influencing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation, Ian Hunter’s decision.

Do you want to be kept informed of other environmental issues on Kangaroo Island?
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Bob Huxtable

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