Wetlands Habitat

What do you think about Glenthorne establishing a large Cat-Proof area to be home to local and endangered native fauna? How can this be funded, how large, where can it be established. (Any other things to think about?)

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  1. If you are envisioning something similar to Warrawong Sanctuary at Mylor, but with a ‘Glenthorne’ twist, I would be very supportive. If it happens, it will perhaps be self supporting, once established!

    I have lived at O’Halloran Hill for over thirty years and visited Glenthorne for the first time today (030515). Very impressed with the ‘Friends’ efforts with regeneration of native vegetation. The next step, surely, would be to reintroduce native fauna that would properly control the reintroduced native flora.

    Very sad about the demise of heritage buildings that may have been saved for the simple want of a roof. Undoubtedly there are areas of priority that need ongoing attention! With the greatest respect to all of the work you do, (and I could do with a little more information on the preservation of Glenthorne’s heritage/historic buildings) surely some of your efforts may be disposed toward the odd roof or two?

    I do understand the lot of volunteers. I have been a volunteer at the Marion RSL for over twenty years. Inciting anyone to ‘leap in’ and ‘get things done’ is never an easy task. Despite what ‘we’ think is an appropriate way to apportion our thoughts/ labour, too few of our immediate community think the same!! But of course, we soldier on!

    I have the application form for your organisation, I applaud your efforts and what you are about, you may hear from me.

    I remain,

    yours faithfully,

    C. R. (Rick) HARDY

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