Marion Council Candidates

Friends of Glenthonre recently canvassed the candiates for the Marion Council about their views and comments concerning Glenthonnr Farm.  FoG thought this may help people decide on who they voted for in the current Local Council elections.  All 30 of the Marion Candidates were sent a letter requesting their views (see our letter here).
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Jeremy D’Lima Andy Fry Tim Gard Luke Hutchinson Shad Macleod
Nathan Prior Nathan Sim Raylene Telfer Chris Tilbrook Irene Whennan
Frank Verrall Nick Westwood

Jeremy D’ Lima’s Response

Hi Alan,

In response to your invitation for comments, please see below my views on Glenthorne Farm.

I’m supportive of keeping Glenthorne Farm in it’s natural state with biodiversity improvements and further area promotion. In my recent Messenger letter, I acknowledged Mayor-elect, Kris Hanna’s desire for improvements, and I hope this will come to pass during his term. I’m all for initiatives to create jobs and boost the local economy.

Yours faithfully,
Jeremy D’Lima

Andy Fry’s Response

Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion on the preservation of Glenthorne Farm. 50 words is going to be a struggle but here goes.

“I believe Glenthorne Farm is an important part of our heritage and needs to be maintained in it’s beautiful natural state. If elected I’ll do my utmost to protect the area and see it become a centre for biodiversity education and encourage local residents to visit and admire it’s beauty.”

Whether I’m elected or not Alan, I do think we need to make more of this area. Sadly it is viewed as people drive past on their commute and seldom do they stop to take a look.

Thank you for your work in preserving the area and best wishes for the future.

Kind regards

Tim Gard’s Response

Dear Mr Burns

Thank you for your letter seeking my comments concerning Glenthorne Farm.

Firstly and most importantly there is a Deed that is meant to be observed by the University of Adelaide.  That Deed must be honoured, subject to formal permission from the public of South Australia for alternative uses of the 20 hectares property that might fall beyond the intent of that Deed.

My own view is that the Farm is a gem that must be protected.  Whilst I haven’t visited it in its current state, I see it as common sense and highly desirable that it be made available as a public asset.

I am most oriented to the land in general and despite having been a city kid who grew up in Glenelg (I used to frequent with my parents and later my friends the old O’Halloran Hill Drive-in) I have loved thoroughbred horses all my life and more recently have written a well received book on them     This interest, particularly in the breeding aspects, has taken me into the country a great deal throughout my life, including my period of five years of study in Veterinary Science, which sadly didn’t eventuate in a degree.  I have come to appreciate how little the average city dweller, including my own adult sons, is in touch with the land and have always felt that we should do more to educate the young of our community about the issues of farming and from exactly where bread, milk, ham and eggs emanate!

This I see as a wonderful opportunity to create the ‘city farm’ and even allow young people to board and work there for experience.  Beyond that possibility, there is the chance to display our older heritages and perhaps even to use the land for rural experimentation of various kinds but in a more public way than  previously.

This is a huge subject and I note too that our new Mayor elect, Kris Hanna is well in the thick of it.  Rest assured that I shall take a great deal of interest in future proceedings concerning Glenthorne, whether I’m elected or otherwise.

Your sincerely
Tim Gard
Candidate   Coastal Ward Councillor
City of Marion
PH  08 82961483   M  0413150384
8 Angas Crescent   Marino   SOUTH AUSTRALIA   5049

Luke Hutchinson’s Response

Dear Alan,
Thank you for your letter dated 28 October, unfortunately I have only received this today.
As a current Councillor I am very aware of the great work The Friends of Glenthorne have done over many years. I am extremely supportive of your work and will pledge to continue to support these efforts over the next term of council. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly as and when you need my support.

Warm Regards,
Luke Hutchinson

Shad MacLeod’s Response

Hi Alan,

I believe that Glenthorne Farm is an important ecological site for the south which should be protected from urban development. However, having said that I do believe it would be beneficial for some minor development to be undertaken in order to improve community access and utilisation. This is exceptionally important if the preservation of the site is to gain widespread community support.

I would be happy to discuss further in need.

Shad Macleod
M. 0413 012 075

Nathan Prior’s Response

Hi Alan,

I am loosely tied up with Trees for Life (mainly as the dirt digger on collection day) through my father and more than appreciate what you and your friends have worked on up the hill. Also have a love of natives so on the very off chance I get elected I would love to talk to you about ways I can help through grants etc. The education side of your project should be able to attract some government funding.


Nathan Sim’s Response

Dear Alan

Thank you for your correspondence on behalf of the Friends of Glenthorne. I am impressed with your passion, interest and proactive

As a qualified planner I have a keen interest in the preservation of open space. I have written a variety of strategic documents to in state government and local government including Development Plan Amendments, Open Space Plans and Community Land Management Plans to achieve such ends.

Regarding Glenthrone, if Marion Council has a responsibility for its care and control I would hope to ensure that there is integration of management systems so that the Development Plan, Asset Management Plans and Community Land Management Plans et cetera all reinforce a clear vision for the site and contribute to the delivery of that vision. Furthermore, to remain protected it is important for such sites to be regarded with greater value and I would think that this site has an opportunity for greater biodiversity and educational value to the community so to ward of threats of future urban development.

All the best in your cause.

Nathan Sim
Candidate for Mullawirra Ward

Raylene Telfer’s Response

Dear Alan,

My membership of Glenthorne Farm supports its ideals. Three Sunday working days have been attended. As a historical staging post, Glenthorne has significance. I take also an interest in the Field River as well as O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park as biodiversity and fauna corridors of great worth.

My regards,
T (08) 7127 5346
M 0410 058 221

Irene Whennan’s Response

Dear Alan,

I fully support your endeavours in protecting Glenthorne Farm from future urban development and having it remain in a natural state.

I applaud the commitment and work done to date to that end.

I feel that with our new Mayor’s past record with Glenthorne Farm that my support, if elected, will go that little further towards this preservation and maintenance.

I live my live and make decisions with the thought that I must do my best to ensure that my grandchildren and their generation should be left with an environment and country in the best state and condition that I am able to leave for them.

Irene Whennan

Chris Tilbrook’s Response

Dear Alan,

Thanks for your letter and the opportunity to express my views about Glenthorne Farm.

I am aware of Glenthorne Farm and the various housing options. I agree with the your views and support your efforts to keep the site as open space and accessible to the public. It is important for future generations and the education of them, to be able to visit and learn from a property like Glenthorne Farm.
Your groups efforts are to be commended and, as a possible Councillor for Woodlands Ward in Marion Council I will offer my support on Council in any way I can.

Chris Tilbrook JP
Candidate for Councillor
Woodlands Ward, City of Marion

PO Box 480 Edwardstown, 5039

Frank Verrall’s Response

The Secretary
22 Westall Way
Sheidow Park.

Dear Alan,
Thank you for your letter, and allowing me to respond by saying thanks you, and all the others, who have worked so hard to study, protect, plan, and develop Glenthorne farm. We lived on Brighton road before moving to Marion. On my election to Council 8 years ago I immediately began working to get our volunteers recognised. We now have a financial value placed on their work and included on the balance sheet and some administrative support has been made available to them. I have also championed real recognition of our Friends of groups (Warripinga, O’Halloran Hill and Glenthorne) with some success. I cannot even begin to estimate what your work is worth but we see the result achieved at O’Halloran Hill (vegetation variety, fencing, fire breaks and access), and just before the City Bay run I witnessed a group of about 50 athletes run from Blacks Road through the park and back to their cars.
I have only visited Glenthorne a few times and am convinced you have been and are on the right track. I support everything you have done and are planning to do and I believe Council should work more closely with you.
Perhaps I should not mention it here but your efforts to re-establish habitat implies the need for nursery services to grow the number and species of plants required. Council is looking for a place to relocate its nursery as the redevelopment of the depot takes place. Maybe there is an opportunity here for some discussion towards a partnership to solve a common problem.
Thank you again.

Regards Frank Verrall
Phone 08 8296 7690.

Nick Westwood’s Response

Dear Alan,
As a community representative for 2 years on the CSIRO committee re the disposal of Glenthorne, then as President of the (local) Residents Association, I worked toward keeping Glenthorne free of urban development and was a member of your organisation in the early days. I generally support your efforts.
Nick Westwood
Ph 08 8387 1798
M. 0417 828 707