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Chairman's Message
Native Grass Compound Grant
Christmas Function Reminder

Chairman's Message

"Since being elected Chairman of FoG in September, our vision for the way forward has become clearer. I've met twice with our liaison at Uni of Adelaide (Mat Jeffery) and with researcher David Paton (on 2nd December). David's vision for Glenthorne, involving substantial re-afforestation, is highly consistent with the aspirations of Friends of Glenthorne. The days of money-making plans from mass housing seem to be behind us. 

We have clarified the University's decision-making processes and worked out where we fit in from their perspective. Even the University's influential and mysterious "Estate Committee" has been identified and understood. Hence the stage is set for FoG and the University to work well together - on heritage as well as environmental issues. It is probably fair to say that the University has taken a "maintain and monitor" attitude toward Glenthorne in recent times; which means it is up to us to have discussions about what FoG really wants for Glenthorne. When our vision for the land and its possibilities are clarified, I'm sure we and the Uni can "make things happen.

Meanwhile excellent results are being achieved on the ground thanks to our hardworking Enjoyment Day volunteers.

Best wishes to all for 2014!
Kris Hanna

Native Grass Compound Grant

We are very pleased to report that "Friends of Glenthorne" have recieved a Grant from the City of Marion to develop a Native Grass compound. This compound will be rabbit proof, and used to propogate seed for native grasses, and possibly rare plants that need a bit of protection.  At this stage we are not exactly sure where this compound will be set up, but it will greatly assist us in our efforts to restore native habitat.  Grasses are excellent Buttifly and insect food, which also attracts native bird populations.

Christmas Function Reminder

A reminder that our Christmas Function is on this Sunday, Dec. 8th, at Belair National Park, at the Karka Pavillion

The Official Invite is here.  Special dietary requirements need to be advised to Mel at

Your whole Family are welcome!, Lunch, tea / coffee and soft drinks will be provided by DEWNR and NRM. Bring your own alcohol (if you required it!) and a chair.

Rob Morrison (Of "The Curiosity Show" fame) is the guest speaker and there may be walks organised by the Friends of Belair.
Read more about amazing Professor Morrison here.


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