5th May 2019, 11.00 – 2.30pm

Glenthorne House showing Palm Tree

Glenthorne House, showing Palm tree in the centre.

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The Friends of Glenthorne invite you to our Glenthorne Open Day on Sunday 5th May, a State History Month event.

The program for the day is below, it includes a welcome speech by the Hon. David Speirs MP and the planting of a memorial tree. The tree we have selected is a palm tree to be planted where a similar palm tree grew in the garden of Glenthorne House, built by the Porter family in 1879-80. We believe the original palm tree was planted in the late nineteenth century, as it is well established in photographs dated to the early twentieth century. Mrs Jane Brummitt, a descendant of Thomas and Jane Porter (1879-1903), has been invited to plant the tree which she has generously donated.

RSVP  0428315266 or email smithric@tpg.com.au by 1st May 2019

Program for Glenthorne Open Day, a State History Month event. 5th May, 2019

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